music law

For years the Music Law website has been assisting musicians everywhere stay current on the list of laws and guidelines for their industry. There are bands and singers all over that are trying to get themselves into the system, chasing their dreams and goals wherever they need to. Music Law is helping these people trying to transform this dream into a reality and into a business where they can actually earn income. The is an exciting field these days, but it's still a business than needs to be understood and managed to be successful. Music Law will walk you through the steps and guide you down the path of success and understanding.

The deeper you get into the music industry, the more complicated things get, and the more you are expected to know and understand. It also becomes more business-like the deeper you get. You will need to work with producers, record companies, managers, talent agents, business managers and promoters in order to be successful. You will also be expected to understand publishing, copyright and performing rights and how they will affect you and your band. Each of these things make the music industry what it is today and are a part of each major bands business.

Music Law will help bring some of the complications and struggles into the light. We will also help design and understand the business aspect of the music industry and how one can best become involved in it.

Since the first version of the website in 1996, our environment has changed a lot. This is why we've decided in mid-2010 to set up a brand new version. We hope that you will like it and we wish you a pleasant visit.